This year’s Suwannee Hulaween has turned Halloween into my latest favorite holiday. The lineup, attendees, costumes, venue, food and energy blew almost all other festivals I’ve attended out of the water. The spirit of Spirit Lake did not disappoint and already has me planning what my costume will be for next year’s festival!

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the campgrounds in Suwannee until mid-day Friday.  Lucky for me, there was absolutely no line or traffic to get into the park.  At that point, most attendees had already been there since the previous morning (or even Wednesday) to take part in the Thursday activities, which I heard were amazing (Lettuce and Liquid Stranger before the festival even begins?!) At Spirit Lake there is camping quite literally anywhere you want – which is a huge luxury for those who take part in group camping.  Pretty awesome waking up to the main stage only 100 feet from your campsite with all of your friends!Hula

The lineup at Suwannee was diverse and dynamic, with minimal conflicts. The stages were all within ten minutes on foot of one another, with their own specific production capabilities.  My personal favorite was The Amphitheater stage, positioned in a dip opposite Spirit Lake, with a pit area and bleacher like seating. The stage housed some of my favorite performances of the entire weekend: Run The Jewels, FKJ and Nick Murphy (Chet Faker). The infamous, traveling Incendia fire stage made an appearance at this year’s festival too – and housed pop up sets from both Manic Focus and Space Jesus.


As if the music wasn’t enough, the venue itself housed enough entertainment and art to capture your attention for the entire weekend.  Spirit Lake displayed projected holograms and light shows over its water, as well as water jet pack performances late at night! Of course, the best view of the lake is from the festival’s sky high ferris wheel at the Main Stage.

I can’t wait to come back for the 2018 Suwannee Hulaween. My recommendation for first timers?  Pack some bananas (the dust is extreme in the park), don’t forget your camelbak (there are water spigots EVERYWHERE), and don’t hold back on your costume!  You’ll be starry eyed from the second you walk in to the second you leave Spirit Lake. VF8A7996sun-2

Written by Logan Bykofsky

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