Arriving in the Bronx for The Greatest Day Ever was a breeze on the 6 train with a short walk to the venue. Upon arrival, a wonderful flood of past carnivals came to mind as I watched attendees’ screaming and laughed in delight as they whizzed by on nostalgic rides. I couldn’t help but be drawn to the Ferris Wheel which brought me up high with my friends as we settled into the night ahead.


The stage was massive with a crowd that was hyped to the max. Upstairs was a private bar area with awesome hammocks and resting areas set up. My crew made our comfy haven in the hammocks for a good while and I had the most enchanting time swaying to the blissful beats of Mr Carmack and Dylan Francis. The first day was just a prelude to the round two with the incredible Tokimonta and What So Not finally closed by nonother than Diplo. What was supposed to be The Greatest Day Ever, became The Greatest Weekend ever and I can’t count how many times I said to a friend “this really IS the greatest day ever” and we all agreed that it was.


The venue was large and accommodating with food vendors and enough non-musical extra curricular activities that attendees were either doing carnival things or enjoying the music with never a dull moment. The workers on site from the bartenders to security were really nice, approachable and helpful. The biggest shout out to Adidas for doing their thing and creating an epic experience with a community that gets it. See you next year!

Written by damask schantz

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