Written by: Logan Bykofsky

On the fifth anniversary of Suwannee Hulaween, The Spirit of The Suwannee Music Park will host 100+ artists across every genre the brain can possibly fathom.  At the top of the bill this year are (of course) The String Cheese Incident, Bassnectar, Ween, Griz, Damian Marley, Run The Jewels, Chet Faker, Portugal. The Man, Vince Staples, and RL Grime. With only a few days until showtime, we’re all getting eager to ride the rail with Nectar, get the funk down with Griz and “Count to F**K” with Run the Jewels. However, you definitely don’t want to miss some of these artists beyond the headliners to make sure you make the most of your time at Spirit Lake!

Manic Focus:

John “JmaC” McCarten is a must-see electronic music producer.  His fifth full-length album, “Cerebral Eclipse” dropped earlier this year with ten rowdy and soulful tracks featuring other 2017 Suwannee performing artists Griz and ProbCause. Not only does Manic Focus come at you with heavy-hitting bass, but he’s been building his live performance steadily by having his fellow friends and musicians join him on stage (think Russ Liquid, The Floozies or Dominic Lalli). If you’re looking for some heavy bass this coming weekend and maybe a little Destiny’s Child too, look no further than this multi-dimensional vibe conductor!


ProbCause is a Chicago-born rapper who has collaborated with Action Bronson, Chance the Rapper, Griz, Saba, etc. (and trust us, the list goes on and on).  You didn’t hear it from us, but definitely keep an eye out for him when you catch Russ Liquid, Manic Focus (seriously, see him) or Griz this weekend!  Not only is he an established Chi-town rapper who can hang with some of the biggest names in the game, but ProbCause is also an ink to paper artist who designs his own merchandise that we’re all hoping to snag this year at the lake. Keep an eye out for our interview with him dropping before the activities begin this weekend!

FKJ (French Kiwi Juice):

If you’re ready for your jaw to hit the grass, don’t miss the mind-blowing talent that is FKJ.  This Parisian producer and multi-instrumentalist will float across the stage effortlessly as he plays countless instruments with ease. FKJ makes beats for you to vibe and melt with and he succeeds beyond expectations every time. His self-titled album was released earlier this year and we’re so excited he’s heading back to the states from his current Asia tour to play these new chillingly vibrant tracks at this year’s Hulaween. If you’re a fan of Darius or Daniel Caesar (who just collaborated with Chance the rapper), FKJ is an absolute must see.

Big Wild:

If you’re going to be in Florida, you might as well make it to a beach party. Jackson, a California native, is pure dance party fun and brings nothing but that Cali sunshine when he hits the stage.  His latest EP, “Invincible” is a showcase of upbeat funk and island rhythm. Grab a Hawaiian shirt, get ready to dance your ass off and don’t miss this guy!

Check out the full lineup below and we’ll see you there!


Written by damask schantz

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