18274983_418792081821377_936424517901229227_n[1]Come one, come all to the Spring Sermon in Brooklyn. Join fellow dancers and shake to the rhythmic bass beats of Truth, Nasty Nasty, KLL SMTH, DMVU, Big Cholocate Doctor Jeep and more. Be dazzled by lights, lazers, and sounds bursting from one captivating stage that will hold your attention and the energy of the night with an extravagant stage design. Put on your party pants because it’s time to get weird and creative. Enjoy the freedom to express yourself however you choose with no judgment.

The Spring Sermon is the third installment of the Sermon party produced by Austin Trout and Gregg Sauber who are creating a unique vibe and culture in the New York City nightlife. Brooklyn is the choice location for the party because of its reputation for attracting tastemakers and artists. This is the evening to challenge yourself to connect with people by making eye contact and being inclusive in conversation.

Above all, DANCE. You will find incredible bass beats at the Sermon that will soothe your soul and make your body viscerally move in a grand display of joy. Dance till dawn because this party does go on all night and into the morning. Embrace the chance to welcome the morning sun with a night of expression. Renew yourself at the Sermon this Friday in Brooklyn. Click here for tickets to this captivating event of music, art, dancing and GOOD vibes.

Written by damask schantz

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