What intrigues me most about music festivals like Sonic Bloom is the sense of adventure, freedom and magic that seems to find you wherever you are. It’s as if you’re exactly where you should be crossing paths with exactly the right people. It exists as a reminder that this could one day be, everyday life. Strangers and friends coming together, united in the same super-charged space, ready to connect, walls down and hearts open. Sonic Bloom is a utopian playground, for kids and adults alike, where wild, creative expression is the norm and opportunities to bloom and expand in your uniqueness are found everywhere. The moment I walked in, I was greeted with kindness and a buzzing, excited energy. Sonic Bloom is a powerful portal packed with radiant humans and revolutionary art in all its many forms. Inspiring conversation and lifelong friendships await at every turn.

19780745_1404569766295052_2883542400201236447_oOne of the most impactful moments I was blessed to experience was sitting in on a panel of movers and shakers, hearing first-hand about their visions and outlook on the festival culture of Colorado. For many, Sonic Bloom has been a huge part of their creative journey. Most agreed that the scene here in Colorado has become one of killer talent, collaboration and creativity, where we are constantly pushed to rise above and reach new territory. The taste in music varies interestingly from Bluegrass to Dubstep and everything in between. The panel included inspirations such as the Floozies, Ill-Esha, Random Rab, Joshua Birkmaier and Caitlin Morris of Gammaspace Artist Collective and Jamie Janover, the founder of Sonic Bloom. As an ambassador of Nassim Haramein’s work, Jamie has studied the Unified Field Theory for years and modeled the festival with that concept in mind, hence Sonic Bloom: The Unified Field. This theory postulates the idea that a field of energy connects everything in the entire universe from the cosmological to the quantum. Some subjects that were touched on during these press conferences were politics and beliefs surrounding music, the responsibility that comes with success, what we are doing as individuals as well as a collective to make a difference during this imperative time in history, and how to speak our truth on behalf of the planet, spreading the timeless message of peace and unity. Ill-Esha spoke about her work with the younger generation, providing resources and curating spaces where they are able to dive deeper into their study of music. Random Rab shared some beautiful wisdom on what is most important in this industry, “to really focus on your art and your craft and creating a life of joy around the experience of going deeper into your art.”

19944542_1404569326295096_6611729311956248711_oSome musical highlights included the Funkhunters getting down with the legendary Chali 2na at the Meadow stage Friday night. The combination of high energy dance music and classic hip-hop is always such a treat. The Bloom Stage brought so many people together as the musicians threw down and the performers hypnotized us. From the dirty head-banging beats of Space Jesus to Ott’s deep and captivating, eastern vibes, the dance floor is where our generation often finds spirituality and meaning. Desert Dwellers: Beyond were a mind-blowing personal favorite. They brought out an array of insanely talented aerialists, fire spinners, belly dancers and more. Lunar Fire and Fractal Tribe never fail to amaze. The trippy visuals and dreamy soundscapes stimulated all the senses and gave us all the feels. Artists like Porangui, Deya Dova and HÄANA also graced the stage, leaving the crowd in a blissful state of wonder. Ayla Nereo’s set, as the sun began to dip early Sunday evening was a total dream. Her words carry such truth and power that send out ripples of good vibrations and warm, fuzzy feelings into the cosmos. Hula hoopers, lovers and acro-yogi’s scattered the grounds. Starry-eyed and golden, we danced our hearts out against a majestic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. SaQi had a killer Sunday night set that I enjoyed immensely as well. Drawing his name from the Sufi word for “mystic muse,” he is a West Coast composer, producer and trumpet player who collaborates with artists like Polish Ambassador and Russ Liquid. He started with a smaller audience at the Meadow Stage, competing with the long awaited Gigantic Cheese Biscuits, but soon the organic, hypnotic sounds attracted more and more people as they began dribbling in, moving fluidly to his sonic musings. Shortly after, Sonic Bloom Orchestra closed out the festival with a packed audience and an electric performance by Jubee, our beloved Pikachu!


The workshops were also an incredible aspect of Sonic Bloom, reminding us of the power of knowledge and community. Ishani Ishaya lead a playful, afternoon belly dance workshop that left us feeling fabulously in tune with our bodies. Porangui had us connecting with ourselves in a different way during his Body Percussion and Voice Activation workshop. Hearing Jamie Janover speak on the Unified Field Theory was a great way to explore deeper the true purpose of these transformational festivals. Creative expression is one of the greatest tools to bring humanity together and awaken the masses. Anyone interested in partner yoga had the chance of learning the fundamentals and playing in the Yoga D’om. The Permaculture Hub deemed a lovely spot to take a break from the music to learn about natural building, how to live more sustainably and work harmoniously with the earth. The Rainbow Lightning Kid’s Zone offered a sanctuary for the younger attendees, stacked with a full schedule to keep them entertained during the daytime.


On top of the mesmerizing music and art, I enjoyed the simple pleasure of walking around, food in hand, (still dreaming of those Moontime Crepes) people-watching and soaking up all the happiness around me. Smiling faces peeking out of hammocks, children playing by the river, the divine feminine being expressed through stunning dance and fond memories being made. Sonic Bloom is such a special place. Twelve years and counting, it has become a highly influential and life-changing haven for many.


Written by Pardees Goshtasb

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