What is Resonance?
“The law of Resonance provides the answers as to how the law of attraction operates and creates the events, conditions and circumstances in your life. A gathering of like-minded, motivated, music-loving individuals.”

And that’s precisely what Resonance is all about.


Resonance was by far my favorite festival out of last year’s season.  Papadosio hosted a diverse lineup, from jam bands to psytrance artists, including: Dark Star Orchestra, Tycho, Wookiefoot, Dopapod (who did a gnarly Pink Floyd tribute set!), Emancipator, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Keller Williams & EOTO, Consider the Source (Radiohead tribute set), Ott. & the All Seeing I, Tauk, Earthcry, Desert Dwellers, Phuture Primitive, Rising Appalachia, Vibe Street, and the list goes on. The musical tone for the weekend welcomed tastes of all varieties, truly something for everyone. The intention behind the daily lineups were obvious as well. Unfortunately, headlining act Shpongle wasn’t able to make it to his set in time, though the Resonance Staff added Kalya Scintilla in his place only in about eleven hours! Kalya was a fabulous addition to the vibe of the festival, and I’m glad I got to catch a set by him finally (even if it meant missing Simon Posford).


I’ve grown a strong affinity for smaller, more communal music festivals over the years, preferably well under ten thousand attendants. More my style lately because, from my experience at least, I can take away more from the festival. If I lose my friends, I’m bound to found them because the land isn’t as vast as somewhere like Bonnaroo. If I need to run back to camp, I can effortlessly find my location. Not to mention passing familiar faces all day long—really getting the ability to meet and connect with other conscious human beings. And Legend Valley in Ohio sets the perimeters for a beautifully inclusive, transformative weekend.


While we of course go to festivals for the musical talent comprising the lineups, my favorite element besides the tunes is the visual art. Resonance had its own visual art gallery, easily recognized by the incredibly crafted dome by Cerebral Concepts. Their white, laser cut geometric domes are always amazing and awe-inspiring. Resonance welcomed artists to display their art in the gallery as well as live paint. Last year’s artist lineup included: Aaron Brooks, Steven Allen, John Gay, Vince Dibiaso, John Ckirk, Sweet Melis, Jon Imeson, Logan Walden, Peter Wilke, David Fratu, Ashley Shafer, Danielle Sperandeo, Gavin Gonzo Gerundo, Isis Cuzzone, and many, many more. Each artist brought their own creative flare, adding to the assorted texture of the festival.


Legend Valley offers a home away from home, even if only for a weekend. Resonance offers an intended space for fun, freedom, expression, creativity, growth, and transformation. And the patrons offer smiles, hugs, and a new family of friends. Combining the location, lineup, artists, and experience, Resonance is an ideal festival for anyone looking for deep connections and tasty jams. And 2017 is looking even more stacked than 2016!


For months now, Resonance has been announcing artists one at a time. I personally was stoked to see Beats Antique added to the bill. Other killer additions include STS9 (I can’t tell you how pumped I am to see tribe play at Legend Valley!), Kalya Scintilla’s Evocation, and Desert Dwellers: Beyond. Not to mention three sets of Papadosio, one being a Nine Inch Nails tribute set! While the summer of 2017 sure is going to bring the heat, I am almost more excited to get cool and collected with the East Coast’s gnarly fall season. Or maybe I am just resonating with Resonance once again.

Written by Karley Snyder

Karley [ cahr-lee] Noun: writer, human observer, world wanderer, animal lover, nature enthusiast, creativity vessel. Sustains off of avocados and heavy bass music. Watches the sunset every evening. Currently located in Pittsburgh, PA. @snarleykyder

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