Friday night in Brooklyn things are going to get freaky with Sliink and Friends! This crew has a corner on the market of VIBES and you won’t want to miss a personal favorite of mine Brenmar! Other artists on this stacked lineup include Fight Clvb, Dirty South Joe, DJ Jayhood, The Cartels, DJ Lil Taj, and Yoo Q. These are all heavy hitters in the Jersey Club scene.

DJ Sliink is a pioneer of the musical movement known as Jersey Club. The signature bed squeak will get your body moving on the dancefloor. He was signed to Skrillex’s label Owsla after taking the genre around the globe and we are lucky to have him back on his home turf with all the friends!

The party starts at 10 pm at Schimanski in Brooklyn! Don’t miss a beat and get your tickets right here!

Written by damask schantz

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