With Envision being less than 3 weeks away and the schedule being released, it’s time to start planning your weekend by picking out your favorite dj’s and workshops. Here’s a quick look at some of Envision’s incredible featured artists who will be providing all the ingredients to get your festival cookin’!

Fractal Tribe

            One of the first performances you will see on day one is from the amazing and innovative group Fractal Tribe from Boulder, CO at 1 pm at the Templo De La Union. With an astounding 34 members, this collective tribe of world class performers pulls together all their circus skills to create one hell of a show! They offer a wide variety of skills anywhere from fire spinning and juggling to partner acrobatics and dancing. If you like what you see and want a part of the action, Fractal tribe will also be teaching their Acro Fusion class. If you’ve ever wanted to run away and join the circus, here’s your chance!

7song, Susan Leopold, and Mimi Hernandez

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            If your ears are itching for some knowledge, the first spoken workshop is held at the Village Witches area at 4:30 pm and is taught by 7song, Susan Leopold, and Mimi Hernandez sharing their collective knowledge as herbalists and teachers to promote the medicinal attributes and health benefits you can receive from particular herbs. 7song has been an herbalist for 20 years and likes to travel around collecting his own herbs in order to keep a direct relationship with the plants. Susan Leopold has been working with the indigenous people of Costa Rica and Peru for 20 years gaining and sharing ancient knowledge of plant medicine. Mimi Hernandez teachings combine science, tradition, and intuition, to provide for a diverse learning community. Come join this amazing trio and learn anything and everything there is to know about herbal medicine.

Rob Greenfield

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            Calling all budget backpackers and other world travelers! Want to learn how to live the minimalistic lifestyle and how to travel self sustainably? Then you need to come feed on the knowledge of Rob Greenfield on Friday at 11 am at the Village stage. Rob is a traveler, adventure seeker, environmental activist, and humanitarian who is looking to create a more sustainable world and to overall make a positive impact through his actions and teachings. His knowledge will help guide you to create the lifestyle you desire and to fulfil your traveling goals of off the grid living.

Sianna Sherman

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            When it’s time to center yourself, make sure you attend Sianna Sherman’s yoga workshop at the Templo Auspicioso, Friday at 11 am. Sianna’s a world renown yogi who studied traditional yoga in India and who’s teachings combine hatha yoga, vinyasa, Tantra, yoga anatomy, therapeutics, mythology, mantra, and meditation. Sianna has inspired students all over the world through her devotional practices and teachings which combine science, art, and yoga. She will be accompanied with music by Masood Ali Khan, percussionist and composer, to enhance your meditative experience.

DJ Dragonfly

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            Be sure not to miss DJ Dragonfly at the Lapa stage Friday night at 4:45 and at the Luna stage on Sunday at 8:30! Hailing from the West coast, Dragonfly has been dropping his musical genius all over the global festival scene from Burningman in the US to Shambhala in Canada and all the way to Eclipse in Australia. Dragonfly’s musical styles have a wide variety from future, tech, and deep house, glitch, trap, dub and global bass. With all these styles, you’ll never truly know what to expect from his sets, but you can for sure expect some beautiful shanti bass vibes to fill the air! Check out his Symbiosis 2016 mix here https://soundcloud.com/djdragonfly/dragonfly-shiva-bass-symbiosis-2016

The Funk Hunters

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            Does your soul desire music that’s fun and funky? Then make sure to catch at least one of The Funk Hunters sets on either Friday night at 11:30 at the Luna Stage or Sunday at 2:30 pm at the Lapa Stage. Both sets are sure to fuel that fire in your soul and get your booty shakin’ as this charismatic duo from Canada do what they do best. The Funk Hunters have done over 450 performances in over 16 countries spreading their classic funk and hip hop inspired sound across the world. Join them as they continue their global expansion in the beautiful Costa Rica! Check out their Shambhala 2016 mix here https://soundcloud.com/thefunkhunters/the-funk-hunters-2016-shambhala-mix


Written by Jori Barr

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