With the solstice just over our shoulder and summer officially in full swing, I know one thing I’ve been yearning to experience for years is on the presopous of arrival…Bass Coast. Boasted by friends as one of the most magical, silly, special and intimate music and art festivals the west coast has to offer. All I know is that I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. Aside from all of the juicy secrets I’ve heard about the musical and emotional creative waves the event offers I am most anticipating an event curated by a team of awesome creative women. Only one way to find out the truth in the mystery…cross the border, dive right into Canada, and right into this immersive art, music and movement festival.


So let me first start off by saying, if you haven’t heard of The Librarian, you need to get it together, especially if your going to attend this event. Not only is she a major organizer, she is an amazing producer. I had the pleasure of experiencing her drop some of the best sounds I heard in the summer of 2016 at an intimate event in the woods Raindance Campout (thrown by another artist local to California Little Jon also performing at Bass Coast). I can only describe her music as being cheese grated with complex psychedelic soundscapes. Upon wide eyed gazing at the artist line up I am actually excited to see a ton of names I’ve never heard of! As a veteran of the California Bass scene I am very much looking forward to exploring the new artists hiding away in Canada, especially all the female music makers! To my familiar surprise Little Simz, another amazing artist in the world of female hip hop was on the line up! I had the pleasure of learning about her last year while on Spotify and it’s so exciting to hear that she will be there. Im brimming with curiosity to see MC Crystal Precious, and whatever magic she is cooking up, by the sound of her melodic and eclectic tastes it’s gonna be good.  The Funk Hunters and the playful bounce they bring is sure to be a good time full of laughs, dancing and silly mayhem. All in all after scanning a very well rounded musically diverse line up, I am just gonna see where the music leads me.  My plan is to find every new artist I can by following my ears in the midst of all the beauteous chaos and cocoughony of sounds.

Half the fun of any event is getting perfectly lost in all the right places, only to find yourself delicately placed in front of some epic or bizarre art you clearly wouldn’t have found without being lost. With big illuminated artworks like the Amanita Arcade 2.0, to Planet Trypton’s Space Lounge glowing in the darkness ahead you will surely find pieces of yourself you had no idea you’d lost. A mere reflection into the Mirrorrorrim could leave you in a state of constant motion and perpetual change, kaleidoscoping you into another dimension. With many a live artist contributions as well by Megan Dixon: Ora, Rae Vena Presents: Inspire Love, and of coarse an always fun and


derpy Wood Vibez Lounge. There are literally so many artists contribution to this space I know its going to be overflowing with creative inspiration to anyone in attendance. With structures like the Plexi Paradise an interactive sound and light environment made from 400lbs of up-cycled plexi, offering social safe spaces to gather and connect. There is no doubt in my mind this will be a bucket list level festival for anyone who has yet to make the voyage.

Such an epic portal wouldn’t be complete without amazing teachers and instructors of Spirit, Body, Health, Mind and Wellness workshops. With Sass Classes presented by Sweetsoul Burlesque you can come up on some sexy sassy new dance skills. Contact Improv and Twerkshops are always a popular choice for the bodily explorer. Where the introvert might find more comfort in a workshop titled A practical Guide Towards Personal and Cultural Transformation with Keith Murray. From tons of Yoga to a Freestyle focus group this festival has though of almost everything to keep us all entertained as well as safe with thoughtful courses on Harm Reduction, Ravers self care 101 and Hooked on Plants medicinal foods. So many teachers offering their love you’ll be sure i won’t be missing Sing for the Soul with Erica Dee, and Wood Whispering from Wood Vibez.

Find me at Bass Coast, lying under the Canadian Forrest in the Nicola Valley, playfully myself in the midst of nature and creation. The gift is in the present and I have no idea what all will present itself to me in the those blissful Bassy moments but I know it will be one of the sweetest third eye kisses I will receive this summer. I haven’t been this excited for an event since my first ever festival going to Burning Man in 2009, the year Bass Coast was actually born. If I have grown so much as a person in that amount of time I can only imagine what beauty and wonderment is tucked away just out side of a town called Merritt. I am so ready for an event that prides itself on inclusivity, artwork, and creativity, thats just big enough to get lost and just small enough to make hundreds of new memories and certainly some new friends.

Written by Baked Bree

Written by BakedBree

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